Bauma 2010

In April 2010 the machinery world descended on Munich, Germany. Was it for the world famous Glockenspiel, or the world famous Hofbrauhaus with the delicious beer served in big buckets. Possibly both of these were the attraction, but for the machinery world the attention was on Bauma 2010.

Bauma is the world’s largest machinery expo and held every 3 years in the beautiful city of Munich, Germany.

This year Base Course Management was represented by Paul Montgomery. Unfortunately for Steve Gawley and Steve Berry a certain volcano in Iceland either cut short or cancelled their Bauma trip this year.

Most if not all machinery companies in Europe were present at Bauma in one way or another although the volcano did its best to keep them and the crowds away.

Bauma is massive, sky scraping cranes as far as the eye can see, functioning asphalt plants, bobcats, excavators, front end loaders, every type of machine you can imagine was there, displays and shows covering every inch of the old airport terminal that is now Bauma.

Cafes, bars and even restaurants catering for 200 guests, there was no excuse for being hungry or thirsty at this place either.

My interest apart from the Hofbrauhaus and its 1lt mugs of beer was of course the profiling and recycling machinery. Wirtgen had the largest stand of all, the full range of milling machines from 350mm to 4200mm wide, crushers, screeners and paving equipment.

Wirtgen had on display the new W210 milling machine, for me this was exciting, it was my first view of the new machines, of which we had already ordered 6.

Kleemann had a display featuring the MR 110 Z EVO crushing machine, another machine that is an interest to Base Course Recycling.

Over 3 days I visited as many stands and displays as I could, saw plenty, but still there was so much I didn’t. (I think I need to return in 2013) By Friday I was exhausted, no more displays for me it was time to relax, time to party.

Friday night the volcano ash had cleared enough for Steve and Maree Gawley to finally arrive, just in time to be invited to the Ratzkellar as guests of Wirtgen. Steve Berry was left behind in Sydney to wonder what if I only tried a bit harder to get there?

The Ratzkellar is a popular German restaurant in the centre of Munich that Wirtgen reserve for the entire duration of Bauma. We had a great time, caught up with old friends, consumed plenty of good wine, good beer, great food and sent a large number of text messages to Sydney where Steve Berry was cursing a certain volcano.

Overall Bauma is a fantastic event where business and pleasure go hand in hand.