Base Course Management is committed to operating its Group of Companies in the strictest manner with its core business value focusing on health, safety and the protection of the environment. We accept that all injuries and illnesses are preventable.

At Base Course Management, we consider safety as a way of life – not a task that is required to be done.  With strategic systems, policies and procedures in place, we consider ourselves a cut above the rest. A specifically designed Integrated Management System allows us to achieve excellence by expressing our attitude, compliance, discipline, safe work systems and the safe management and protection of people and equipment. Most importantly, our stringent approach enables us to identify, prevent hazards and control risks whilst simultaneously striving for continuous improvement.

Our operations are constantly being monitored, both internally and on site to ensure beyond compliance is achieved in all areas. We continue to grow safer work attitudes & cultures and are able to do so with proactive and regular communication with workers and clients on all levels.

Our full time HSE Manager is practical, intentional and committed to creating a safe work environment for all persons associated with our operation. Detailed RTW, Environmental, Fatigue & Emergency Management Plans are just some of the ways in which we are able to support, develop and engage our workers and management teams. Our detailed HSE & QA Site Specific Management Plan is a means for us to provide this information and other legislative requirements in an abbreviated format to our clients.